Drs. Richard and Laura Windsor have specialized in the evaluation and treatment of the special visual needs of patients with Achromatopsia. They have built a comprehensive website on this condition at is designed to be a major resource for all individuals with congenital achromatopsia. This site is limited to the two primary forms of congenital achromatopsia: rod monochromatism and blue cone monochromatism. We hope this site will help patients and their family members better understand achromatopsia and the new methods of helping those with this condition. It includes both the clinical low vision information based on the decades of our doctors' work with patients with achromatopsia from throughout the United States and around the world, as well as the practical steps to improve day–to-day life.

We encourage you to visit our other website dedicated solely to Achromatopsia for more information on this condition and the treatments available.