What to Bring to Your Low Vision Examination

As mentioned before, a low vision examination can take 3-4 hours to complete due to the comprehensive history, low vision refractive assessment, technology assessment and supplemental testing. Please bring the following items to your low vision examination so the doctor has all the necessary information about you.

  • Your current medication list including all vitamins and supplements you take. If you cannot see your medication, please bring your bottles with you and our staff will help you.

  • All eyewear, reading glasses, computer glasses and sunwear that you use to help you see better. This is very important for the doctor to see, so he or she can see if a change or increase in the prescription will be beneficial for you.

  • Any magnifiers or low vision devices that you currently or have used in the past to help you read, watch television, etc.

  • Bring samples of any reading material, newspapers, bills, newsletters, books, magazines, music, crocheting or any other hobby, craft or activity that you have difficulty seeing and would like help with.