Lectures Given

"We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge."

                                                                                         - John Naisbitt

Doctors of the Low Vision Centers of Indiana have helped train doctors and therapists across the country in low vision rehabilitation, low vision and contact lens care of achromatopsia, bioptic driving, vision rehabilitation after stroke and brain injury and eye disease. Below are just a small sample of the programs at which our doctors have lectured.

  • American Academy of Optometry Low Vision Section, Nashville, TN

  • Envision Low Vision Conference San Antonio, Texas

  • International Optometric and Optical League of Europe, Paris

  • American Optometric Association Low Vision Council, Denver, CO.

  • New York Low Vision Symposium 2008

  • Indiana State Library's Vision Expo 2008

  • Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association International  Annual Multidisciplinary Conference, Chicago

  • Indiana Occupational Therapy Association Vision Conference Annual Convention

  • Governor's Conference on Disabilities, Indianapolis, IN

  • Society of European Optometrists, Venice, Ital

  • NORA International Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association International Multidisciplinary Conference, San Antonio

  • New York Low Vision Symposium 1998

  • Society of European Optometrists, Monaco

  • Idaho Commission for the Blind Low Vision Seminar, Lewiston, Idaho 

  • Michigan AER Convention. Lansing, MI

  • Low Vision Conference Macular Degeneration International, Las Vegas, IN

  • International Charge Syndrome Conference, Cleveland, Ohio

  • The Governor's Conference on Aging, Indianapolis, IN

  • Vision Enrichment 2000 - National Low Vision Conference Las Vegas, NV

  • NORA International International Multidisciplinary Conference, San Diego, CA

  • International Association of Driving Instructors for the Disabled, South Bend, IN

  • National Federation for the Blind, Indiana State Convention, Michigan City, IN

  • Indiana State Library's Vision Expo 2007,Indianapolis, Indiana

  • American Council for the Blind, Indiana Convention Elkhart, IN

  • State Convention Indiana Worker's for the Blind Convention, Fort Wayne, IN

  • Low Vision Rehabilitation Society, Indianapolis, IN

  • Advanced Therapeutic Course Low Vision Neuro Rehab Section Indiana University School of Optometry 7  years.

  • Ball Hospital Rehabilitation Department Muncie, Indiana

  • Indiana State Library's Vision Expo 2006

  • Low Vision Support Group, Lafayette Eye Clinic, Lafayette, IN

  • Lafayette Eye Center Vision Support Group, Lafayette, IN

  • Low Vision Support Group, Kettering, Ohio

  • Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association International Annual Multidisciplinary Conference, Chicago,

  • St Vincent's Hospital's Institute on Aging Annual Conference, St Vincent’s Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

  • Methodist Hospital Rehabilitation Department

  • Indiana Occupational Therapy Association Annual Convention

  • Four Season's Retirement Community, Columbus, IN 

  • Parkview Neuro Rehab, Rehabilitation Department

  • State Convention of the Council of Citizens with Low Vision

  • Indiana Academy of Optometry Medicare Update Course,
    Indianapolis, IN

  • Fort Wayne Ophthalmogical Association, Fort Wayne, IN

  • Ball Hospital Ophthalmic Assistant's Association, Muncie, IN

  • St. John's Hospital Occupational Therapy Department, Anderson, 

  • Low Vision Seminar for Vocation Rehabilitation, Marion, Indiana

  • Bioptic Driving Seminar Parkview Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN

  • Indiana Low Vision Rehabilitation Society - Bioptic Driving
    Seminar, Indianapolis, IN 

  • State Convention Indiana Association of Workers for the Blind
    Fort Wayne, IN

  • School of Nursing, Lewis and Clark College Lewiston, Idaho

  • The Indiana Low Vision Rehabilitation Seminar on
    Neuro-optometry, Indianapolis

  • ILVRS Neuro-Optometry Symposium Low Vision Rehabilitation, Indianapolis, IN

  • Darke County Low Vision Support Group, Greenville, Ohio

  • New Castle Low Vision Support, New Castle, IN

  • Parkview Hospital Disabled Driving and Bioptic Driving Seminar, Fort Wayne, IN

  • Low Vision Rehabilitation IOA / Academy Fall Seminar, Bloomington, IN

  • Council of Citizens with Low Vision Conference, Elkhart, Indiana

  • East Central Optometric Society

  • Northwest Optometric Society, 

  • Southwest Optometric Society, Evansville

  • Wabash Valley Optometric Society, Marion, Indiana

  • Southeast Optometric Society

  • North Central Optometric Society, Elkhart, Indiana

  • Central Optometric Society, Indianapolis

  • Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry

  • East Central Optometric Society Clinical Workshop, Muncie, IN

  • Whitewater Valley Optometric Society

  • Indiana Optometric Association / Indiana Academy Fall Seminar, Bloomington, IN

  • Indiana Health Care Association Convention, Indianapolis, IN

  • Indiana University School of Optometry Class, Bloomington, IN

  • Ophthalmological Associates, Evansville, IN

  • Kiwanis Club of Hartford City, IN

  • Eastbrook School, Upland, Indiana

  • Crossroad Macular Support Group

  • Indiana Academy of Optometry Workshop

  • Blackford Hospital, Hartford City, Indiana

  • Blackford County Senior Citizens, Hartford City

  • Grant and Blackford School Nurses, Marion, Indiana

  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry Primary Eye Care Workshop at Indiana University Optometry Clinic, Bloomington, Indiana

  • Treatment and Management of Eye Disease Course, Indiana
    University, Indianapolis

  • Indiana Optometry Board Pharmacology Course  12 Locations in Indiana

  • Georgia Optometric Association  Atlanta, GA

  • Bradner Village Heath Care Center, Marion, Indiana

  • Weslyan Nursing Home, Marion, Indiana

  • Parkview Convalescent Center, Elwood, IN

  • Parkview Nursing Home, Muncie, IN

  • Westminster Village Healthcare Center, Muncie, IN

  • Muncie Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Muncie, Indiana

  • Dickey Nursing Home, Elwood, Indiana

  • Indiana School for the Blind, State Teacher's Conference

  • Medicare Update Course, Indianapolis, Indiana Human
    Services Conference, Indianapolis

  • Treatment and Management of Eye Disease Course, Walker
    Clinic, Indianapolis

  • Eye Specialists of Indiana Treatment and Management of Eye
    Disease Cours

  • United Methodist Memorial Home

  • The Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana 

  • Community Care Center, Hartford City

  • Community Care Centers, Portland

  • Center for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

  • Indiana Optometric Association Formulary Course, Indianapolis

  • South Bend Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Department

  • Association of Driving Instructors of the Disabled Annual

  • Worker's for the Blind Indiana State Convention

  • Midwest Association of Certified Rehabilitation Teachers

  • Parkview Hospital Rehabilitation Department

  • The Therapy Center, Fort Wayne

  • American Council for the Blind Indiana Convention

  • Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis Spring Meeting,
    Indianapolis, IN

  • Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne Occupational Therapy

  • Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association Fourth Annual
    Multidisciplinary Conference, San Antonio

  • Independent Living Center Richmond, Indiana

  • Price Vision Group Fall Seminar Indianapolis, IN