Macular Degeneration:
The Path to Understanding and Overcoming

A 60 minute movie on DVD

Developed by the Nationally Award Winning
Staff of the Low Vision Centers of Indiana 

43 State and National Awards - Founded 1894

"The most important movie on AMD ever made."

"Everything a patient or family members must know"


"I now understand! I now can help my mother. "

"In one hour I learned of many ways to better use my vision"

"Best money I have spent since I got macular degeneration"

"I feel encouraged that I can make it."

"I didn't know there were so many things to help me"

"I have watched it three times. Its great"

"The animations were very helpful to understand my father's vision."

            "I thought my mom was faking but now I understand why she can see a  spec of paper on the floor but not see my face."


 About this Movie

This 60 minute movie on DVD contains a wealth of information for the patient, family and caregivers. It covers all aspects of  what it means to have macular degeneration. What is AMD? How it is treated. The many visual problems are fully explained with amazing new animations created. What are the low vision treatment options including low vision systems, independent living aids and alternative media?  The potential steps you can take to prevent AMD are clearly presented. You will have a new an better understanding of AMD after viewing this movie.

The movie also tells the story of Bonnie, a AMD patient. We are introduced to Bonnie  from her from childhood to her battle with AMD. We feel it is important to emphasize the person not just see them as a disease.

We explain and demonstrate the medical and surgical  treatments  available including the new anti-angiogenic injections. Extensive animations have been developed to help patients, families and caregivers understand.

We learn of the emotion impact on Bonnie and in the end see where she is today. But we also see a path to overcoming the terrible impact on the spirit of many patients.

We learn of each vision problem Bonnie experiences and learn what causes it and what can be done to overcome it. The movie helps you understand how the macula functions and its role in your vision. 

Then we learn how low vision rehabilitative care can aid your vision.  We demonstrate how low vision systems allow Bonnie to live independently and review all the common low vision systems for AMD.

We look at driving rehabilitation for some patients and bioptic driving. The services of occupational therapists and rehabilitation teachers is presented.

We also review the risk factors, new genetic information and preventive steps you can take that may lessen the progression of AMD.


Who must see this movie?

AMD patients, family members and care givers should see this movie. Occupational therapist, nursing home workers. senior citizens groups, vision loss support groups, ophthalmic assistants and anyone who works with seniors.

The movie is fully narrated to allow those with very poor vision to still benefit fully.

How can you obtain it?

For a limited time, Indiana residents may obtain this video free by contacting any of our offices.

Indianapolis (317) 844-0919
Hartford City (765) 348-2020
Fort Wayne   (260) 432-0575 

Others living outside Indiana may obtain it for $24.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. (Total = $28.95)

You may order by phone by credit card at:

Indianapolis (317) 844-0919
Hartford City (765) 348-2020
Fort Wayne   (260) 432-0575