Candy Grip Video Magnifier


The Candy Grip is a handheld portable video magnifier. It has a handle like a traditional magnifier when in use or that handle can be folded in to act as stand for reading. This video magnifier has a 5 inch LCD screen with  an extremely high contrast image and weighs under 10 ounces.  Its handle has several positions and can be used for right-handed or left-handed use.

The display provides a greater field of view than a similar magnification optical magnifier, and the HD image quality provides a 3x higher resolution on magnification from 2.8x to 22x.  It uses a digital zoom which allows the magnification to easily increase or decrease the size of the text, photo or object being viewed. This system also has a camera where you can freeze frame the image and enlarge it from the distance. Its other unique feature is a reverse camera so the patient can look at their own face with the system.


The Candy Grip has 4.5 hours of battery use time on a full charge which is the longest lasting battery run time among the hand held video magnifiers. The rechargeable lithium battery recharges within 3 hours.

This video magnifier has many different high contrast viewing modes to help with reading. Its portability allows it to be carried in your pocket or purse and be used for all tasks like reading mail, a menu, directions, recipes and paperwork whether at home, work or at school.