ClearView+ Speech HD Video Magnifier

The ClearView+ Speech HD video magnifier combines video magnification and  text-to-speech technology. It allows you to magnify reading materials up from 1X to 95X on its 24 inch monitor. There are numerous high contrast viewing modes to read text with as well as color mode for viewing photos.

The speech-to-text ability of the this system is very good and unique that it allows for a full scan of a page and then you can have t read different sections of text to you. It has more than 60 reading voices in over 30 languages. It also allows for document and photo storage to reference later. It is very easy to use and begin using the text-to speech feature. This allows the patient to listen to books, articles, letters and mail.

This system can be used to write letters, checks and pay bills when writing underneath the camera. This new system has some of the newest technology available which merges OCR text-to-speech capabilities with the traditional video magnifier.