E-Scoop Low Vision Eyewear


E-Scoop® eyewear was developed to bridge the gap between standard eyeglasses and head borne telescopes for low vision patients.  Telescopic magnification is often difficult for many seniors to use and it reduces the field of view.  Covering the same size as their prescription eyewear, the E-Scoop low vision eyewear eliminates the field and motion issues of powerful telescopic systems.


By placing this special low vision prescription system about 5 mm in front of the patient’s prescription lenses, a new method of enhancing vision has been developed. The attachment combines thickness and curvature to create a slight magnification effect. It also includes yoked prism to shift the image up or down to the area of best vision around the central scotoma as determined by the doctor. It also includes a high contrast yellow filter and antireflective coating to maximize contrast and clarity while reducing reflective glare.

As viewed above, it is the curvature and thickness that allows for a mild magnification effect. This can aid many macular degeneration patients especially those with mild to moderate vision loss who need a slight improvement to continue driving, to read better or to see television. We were surprise to find that many more severely impaired macular degeneration patients appreciated the improvement from this system as well.