Galilean Reading Telescopes


Galilean Reading Telescopes are designed to allow a magnification at a more normal working distance. The telescopes are capped and angled inward to both focus and converge at a specified distance.  Galilean Reading Telescopes are based on the minus and plus lens telescope built by Galileo around 1610.

These telescopes are the same as those used by dentists and surgeons. These can be made in a range of powers and working distances. Reading Telescopes of Galilean Design are available in 2.5X, 3.5X and 4.5X powers.  The near telescopes can be prescribed for one or both eyes.

Diagnostic trial lenses are used to determine the correct power. Reading systems can be fabricated which combine a Galilean telescope with a plus lens cap to focus at near.  A system designed for distance can be capped only when required to do close work or dedicated reading system can be made in monocular or binocular form.