Handheld Telescopes


Handheld telescopes have been used for decades to help patients with seeing things in the distance. They have been used by students to see the chalkboard and by others to spot and read street signs and bus numbers in the distance. Patients report using them in meetings to see overhead projections and in supermarkets to see the shelves and signs for the aisles.


Handheld telescopes are available in two types, long focus and short focus. Long focus telescopes only focus in the distance greater than 8 feet. Short focus telescopes have the ability to focus up close as well as in the distance. Telescopes are available in a variety of powers from 2X on up.

The Eschenbach 1673 Keplerian series telescope has exceptional brightness and a wide field of view. It is focusable for distance, intermediate and near vision. The system can be focused from near point to infinity. It is available in a variety of powers from 2.8X, 4.2X and 6X. When used up close they have a slightly higher power. These telescopes can be mounted into eyewear lenses to become a bioptic system. They also can be mounted on a finger ring which allows the unit to be hidden in the hand.