Hemianopic Symptoms Checklist  

Below is a list of eleven common symptoms that patients with a hemianopsia may experience. A hemianopsia is a loss of half of their visual field in both eyes. A hemianopsia can occur after a stroke, head injury or the result of a brain tumor. If you have a hemianopsia, do you experience any of the following:

1. Running into objects to the side.

2. Difficulty moving about in crowded areas.

3. Difficulty finding things. 

4. Often startled by moving objects or people.

5. People and objects appear and disappear.

6. Losing place in reading or words come and go.

7. Struggling to find start or end of a line of print.

8. Spilling drinks when eating.

9. Unsteady balance in walking.

10. Unsure of footing while walking.

11. Fear of walking about in stores or public areas