Indiana Vision Requirements for Bioptic Driving

  • Visual acuity through the carrier eyewear is no less than 20/200 in one eye.

  • Visual Acuity through the bioptic telescope is no less than 20/40.

  • Visual field is no less than a total horizontal field of 130. (BMV will be changing this to 120 degrees.)

  • Color vision must be adequate to see traffic lights (red, yellow, and green.)

  • The bioptic telescope must be no greater than 4X power. The Beecher 5.5X, however, may be used in a new program.

  • No other physical or mental handicaps are allowed.

  • If approved, the patient must complete driver's rehabilitation training which is usually 30 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a certified driver's rehabilitation specialist.

Our doctors have built an extensive website dedicated solely to bioptic driving. This website has information about the history of bioptic driving, the systems used for driving, patient success stories, the training need to become a bioptic driver and lots of other information on the process.

For more information on bioptic driving, please visit our website.