Low Vision Center of Lafayette Collaborated with NeoVision

Lafayette Office.png

The Low Vision Centers of Indiana and NeoVision Optical have collaborated to establish the Low Vision Center of Lafayette to serve the Lafayette and Northwest, Indiana.  Our Center is with NeoVision Optical.  We have purchased the practice of the late Paul Bither, OD and merged his Lafayette practice with ours center.

Our center in Lafayette is fully equipped to provide complete low vision care. We have an area for evaluating patients with video magnification technology. The Center has the newest portable video magnification technology and optical magnification so patients can read food labels, restaurant menus, as well as the newest video technology which allows the partially sighted to see face details at a distance while away from home!  Many of these can be dispensed the same day of the low vision examination.

Lafayette 2.png

The Lafayette Low Vision Center also has the UFOV (Useful Field of View) testing technology available. This technology is used to determine the crash risk of moderate visually impaired drivers or those who have suffered a stroke.  We have created a television area to evaluate partially-sighted patients with headborne telescopic eyewear to improve their TV enjoyment. 

The Lafayette Low Vision Center is located in Market Square within the Neo Vision Optical.  We have nice, comfortable surroundings to provide the best in low vision care.  Dr. Ford, who has over 29 years of low vision experience, a Fellow of The American Academy of Optometry and a former Young Indiana Optometrist of The Year, is the main doctor at this facility.