Mirror Occlusion Eyewear to Control Diplopia


The use of mirror occlusion eyewear can hide the patch material on the rear surface. This allows us to hide unusual patching. We may patch a spot, half a lens, bi-nasal, etc. With the mirror coating on the front surface, no one can see the patching material. These can be worn not only outside, but by keeping the tinting very light, patients can wear them in stores to shop.  The purpose is to provide a highly cosmetic occlusion prescription that the patient can wear in many public activities.     

On the back surface, a cling patch occluder is applied as a nasal occluder that will prevent double vision on viewing to the right. From the from the E-clip appears as any other sunglass. The light mirroring hides the nasal occluder. It completely hides the patching placed on the rear surface. We make this in a very light mirroring, so that the patient can wear the eyewear in shopping inside as well as outside driving in the sun.     

Patients wear this correction in their activities outside their home to improve cosmetic appearance. A non-mirrored clear occlusion eyewear is usually prescribed for night time and inside at home.