Half-eye Prismatic Microscopic Reading Eyewear

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Half-eye Prismatic Microscopic Reading eyewear are high power reading glasses that include a strong prism component that allows both eyes to read together. The use of  the Half-Eye Prism Microscopes allow binocular vision. They are often one of the earliest aids prescribed to help reading. Unlike many other low vision reading corrections, both eyes can be used.

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Lower power may allow reading at 8 - 10 inches, but high power systems may require patients to hold reading material very close. Half-eye Prismatic Reading Eyewear comes in stock powers of  +5, +6, +8, +10, +12, +14 and +16. The working distance  decreases as the power of the eyewear increases.

They can also be custom fabricated to include the patient's full prescription. This decision is based on the amount of astigmatism and the difference between the two eyes. The decision whether to prescribe astigmatism in the systems need to be made by the doctor. 

The prism shifts the images of each eye outward. This lessens the need for the patient to turn their eyes inward as much to read.  The prism improves comfort, increases binocular vision and allows longer clearer reading.   

The proper fitting of high power prism eyewear is opposite how regular eyewear is normally fit. The front of the frame must be bowed outward to improve alignment of the eyes.