Russian Doctors Learn From Our Doctors


The Eye Associates Group, LLC hosted two days of educational training for a delegation of Russian ophthalmologists, optometrists and others in the Russian health care system. These delegates were a part of the Productivity Enhancement Program, which is run by the Center for Citizen Initiatives in Russia. The goal of this program is to help train health care providers on the clinical aspects and technology used in the United States in eye care field.

The delegation spent much of their time being introduced to the newest low vision systems plus new equipment available to help diagnose and treat eye diseases, including glaucoma and dry eyes. Drs. Richard Windsor and Craig Ford of the Eye Associates Group demonstrated the use of diagnostic equipment including the GDx scanning laser ophthalmoscope, automated visual field testing, corneal thickness testing as well as other technology used daily at their office.

The Eye Associates Group, LLC has additional offices in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Marion that specialize in the rehabilitation of the visually impaired. The Russians delegates spent time reviewing the different low vision aids that help people who have lost their vision.

The Muncie Eye Center sponsored the Russian delegation’s trip to the United States. Additionally, the Muncie Sunrise Rotary Club opened their homes to the delegates to stay during their experience. For most of them, it was their first trip to the United States.