UniVision Microscopic Bifocal

UniVision microscopic bifocal is a unique lens that attaches to the front of single vision glasses to form a microscope. The UniVision lens is small - about the size of a quarter and weighs less than one gram. It is 22 mm in diameter and made of an acrylic.  UniVision microscopic bifocals are available in powers of +8D,  +10D, +12D, +16D,  +20D,  +24D, +28D,   +32D,  +36D,and +40D.

Special diagnostic lenses are used to determine the appropriate power for each patient.  In the lower powers, the aspheric lenses provide wide clear field. UniVision aspheric technology provides optical clarity as it magnifies reading materials. Trial lenses are used to test the patient. UniVision Microscopes can be applied over filters to control extreme light sensitivity. This versatile system provides our doctors the  flexibility to apply the UniVision lens in any positioning on the lens.   We are able to mount the UniVision microscope in our laboratory.

Should best visual function switch from one eye to the other, or the carrier prescription change, the UniVision lens can be easily be reapplied or switched to accommodate the patient's changing needs.