Designs for Vision Wide Angle 2.2X and 3X


The Designs for Vision 2.2X and 3.0 Wide Angle Bioptic Telescopes have been used for many years for viewing television, bioptic driving and other distance activities. The Designs for Vision Wide Angle Telescopes can be fit as a binocular or monocular system. They provide a wide field of view at low powers of 2.2X and 3X. The design allows a very wide field of view and the system is lightweight. The 2.2X has 16 degrees of field. The 3X has 11 degrees.The Designs for Vision Wide Angle Telescopes are not focusable. They are set for 20 feet and beyond. The patient's prescription can be incorporated into the eyepiece of the bioptic. Lens caps can be attached to the front of the bioptic to focus for near objects like a computer screen.