Double Vision Treatment

Double vision which is known as diplopia causes the patient to see two images of one object. Double vision can cause many problems in reading, driving and mobility. Double vision can be horizontal, vertical or diagonally. It is caused by an eye muscle deviation and can be from many different conditions. Eye muscle deviations can be mechanical issue with the innervation or muscles of the eyes. This can also be caused by traumatic brain injuries, stroke, neurological conditions, cancers, multiple sclerosis and systemic conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems, myasthenia gravis and others.

Our centers work with the patient to treat diplopia in several ways including prisms, occlusion and ocular motility therapies. During the low vision examination, the doctor assesses the double vision using several techniques and recommends the best low vision rehabilitation plan for each patient.

The following are some of the treatments that our doctors prescribe to help alleviate diplopia:

Translucent Cling Patching

Mins Lens for Double Vision

Mirror Occlusion

Contact Lens Occlusion for Double Vision